anda membaca...

Sudah 2500!

Bright SunMechanicalSeal would thank you all for keep visiting this Blog.

I didn’t think that this site has loyal readers. This should be worth to celebrate, not with Cognac nor with Cointreau and crowded parties, but with writing more and more and much more!

Even this might not reach the people I mentioned, I do wanna state that I thank Wimar Witoelar who turned on the lights through his ‘Orang Biasa’ writing, also I thank Romi Satrio Wahono who motivated all IKC readers to bind the knowledge by writing it down, Pak Bra who fed my clumsy brain, FDP who accompanies me in solving MechanicalSeal problems at battle fields – ignoring all the distances, best dreams, and user’s screams..

Also to Golden friends who keep guessing who I am..

Don’t worry guys, you’ll know it someday.


About Editor

a mechanical seal specialist team which understands the pain of experiencing mechanical seal troubles


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